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 "I have known Wayne Ronsman for well over 20 years and have found him to be a very valuable friend and confidant. It is basically in business that I have known him and find him a man of high integrity and honesty. It is a pleasure working with him.”
Sharon Mowat, President, Rawley Frozen Foods

“Wayne is a dedicated, candid and knowledgeable financial planning professional. He seeks solutions that work for his clients regardless of the impact on his personal finances. Wayne is conscientious. You can rely on his statements.”
Robert Katz, Senior Partner, Torkildson, Katz, Jossem, Fonseca, Jaffe, Moore & Hetherington

I have known Wayne Ronsman for 21 years – personally and business. I have the highest regards for Wayne – very honest, straight-forward, trustworthy and dependable.”
Vern Christianson, Business Owner, Anchorage, Alaska

“I have had a working relationship with Wayne Ronsman for 15 years, during which time his advice and service have played a prominent role in saving my family from financial ruin as the result of an unpredictable circumstance. Listen carefully, very carefully to what he has to say.”

Ross Brudenell, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Anchorage, Alaska

Always good advice and prompt service.”
Don Rogers, M.D., Anchorage, Alaska

“My husband and I have known Wayne for over 20 years and have used his advise and services. He is very efficient and a trustworthy person. Now that I have become a widow he and his knowledge have become even more important to me.”

Lois Z. Haling, Widow of the late K.A. Haling, M.D., Maui, Hawaii  

Good, honest and well informed. I give my highest regards and major respect to Wayne Ronsman.”
Tom Gittins, President, Gittins Construction Co., Anchorage Alaska

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